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We Bolivia

our mission

Health & Education

We desire to instill peace through health and education in communities with limited access to education and health care.

Our Core Values

Health is a state of perfect (complete) physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of disease.

Paz Echad

Who We Are

Paz Echad is a non-profit organization that has three pillars representing health, education, and peace. The foundation of our organization is based on our faith, to help and love our neighbors regardless of their background.

Our focus is to help people that lack access to health care and bring education regarding preventative medicine hence bringing peace and unity to the communities.


Paz Echad's Current Projects


San Jacinto Clinic

Paz Echad is currently building a clinic in a remote and medically underserved area of Bolivia called San Jacinto. 


Pacemakers for Bolivia

Paz Echad is helping save the lives of people with Chagas disease in Bolivia one heart at a time.